Get Ready for the Best Tarps!

A Tarp made from the ground-up. is a Strong Materials company owned and operated by Flexpak Corporation. Flexpak has been making woven products for over 25 years, and has a thorough understanding of what is needed to make the best. After analyzing the failures of several other tarps that claim to be "heavy duty", we have made a tarp that is stronger in so many ways. Not just strength of the material but the construction of the tarp brings out a strength incomparable in the industry. Of course, one can always make a stronger tarp...a tarp that could be bullet proof. The aim of has been to develop a heavy duty tarp that is stronger than all other tarps claiming to be "heavy duty" at a better price. Hard to tackle...but we may have done it. will be publishing videos on our tarp compared to every major retailer's tarps, to show exactly why our tarps are stronger. Stay Tuned.