Make Tarps to Any Dimension

Step 1: Get Your Dimensions (Length x Width)
Step 2: Use your Smallest Dimension to select the tab below (if a 12'x9' tarp is needed, select 9' and click the tab below that says "Custom 9' by any length Heavy Duty Tarp".)
Step 3: Click on the size tab, and scroll to the length needed, clicking on the desired size. ( Example: 9'x12')
Step 4: Add to Cart and Checkout.

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Build a tarp to the size you need. has made tarps stronger by design, and now you have the ability to customize your tarp size to the specification you need. Custom Tarp Sizes are useful for those areas that need something unique! Make a custom size tarp in as little as two business days. From the smallest tarp at 4'x4', the range goes up by a foot in every direction, all the way to 50'x50' tarps. Every combination of tarp from 4' to 50' in each direction is possible. (4'x4', 4'x5', 4'x6'...10'x10', 10'x11', 10'x12'...48'x48', 48'x49', 50'x50', etc..)

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