One Key Reason our tarps are the best.

One Key Reason our tarps are the best.

Heavy Duty Tarps that are simply better.

In the next few weeks we hope to update this site with reasons why the tarps at are the best heavy duty tarps on the market. You see a lot of claims out there, and even refined titles of "Ultra Super Heavy Awesome Tarp"...all trying to sell their tarps to customers...explaining that those other tarps are heavy duty.

Though in reality, there is objectivity in the conditions of a true heavy duty tarp. We have designed this tarp from the ground up, and made it the best possible tarp in the industry for the money. 

In this example we have provided, you can see two things that are extremely valuable in a solid heavy duty tarp. The first, is that the tarps from have a black filler cord sealed in along every side. The second is that the filler cord is much larger (and stronger) than the competitors cords often sealed in. 

Black color specifically has a natural UV block and maintains the poly strength in sunlight, while other cords of different colors, mainly white and clear do not have the natural ability to keep strength under sunlight. The poly begins to break down faster in the light. So...when the cord meets abrasion, or the outer layer of poly breaks through, the sunlight will degrade those cords, which main purpose is to provide the endearing strength needed. The black cord from allows the heavy duty tarps simply to have the natural UV protection that withstands in polymer films.

The thickness, well while most companies use a 3mm or less sealed in cord in their heavy duty tarps, strong tarps uses a 5mm sealed in cord. This has proven results that we have tested as stronger. Simply try to rip this cord out with our six layered reinforced side grommets added onto the 5mm cord, you see an unmatched strength.

That will do for today.

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