Heavy Duty Tarp 10'x12'

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Heavier duty tarps at 10 foot by 12 foot. StrongTarps has developed a stronger tarp, with reinforced grommets using 6 layers of film, a larger cord at 5mm reinforcing all the edges, and corners with a customer poly corner sewn in. The tarp is constructed to actual dimensions at 10'x12'. With UV additives for resisting sunlight, this 8oz reinforced heavy duty tarp has greater tensile strength in the weave, ans is silver on one side, while brown on the other. Choose this 10 foot by 12 foot heavy duty tarp and you will not be disappointed!

10'x12', 10 foot by 12 foot, 12 ft x 10 ft, Size is to actual dimensions +/- 1% tolerance.