Heavy Duty Tarp 10'x10'

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The 10 Foot by 10 Foot Tarp is great for small yard work, machines, or BBQs. As a Heavy Duty Tarp, 10'x10' has a lot of versatility for use, and is built strong with the StrongTarp method. Every tarp has reinforced corners beyond the competitors, and a greater seamed rope along the side at 5mm rather than 3mm. Grommets are located every 18" and are reinforced with 6 layers of film. This has a stronger weave, which is a main source to strength in resisting tears and holes. This tarp should be in every home.

10 foot by 10 foot, 10'x10', 10 foot x 10 foot. Size is to actual dimensions +/- 1% tolerance.