Heavy Duty Tarp 12'x30'

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This heavy duty Tarp is 30' long by 12' wide. It is great all purpose heavy duty tarp for home or business use. Great for something long and narrow. Possible temporary roof during construction, or for larger equipment. May also be used with trailers or boats.

The heavy duty construction out performs the major retailers by very large margins. Learn more about why this tarp is stronger on our material page.

Grommets: Every 18"

Corners: Reinforced with Custom Triangles

Side Grommets: Reinforced with 6 layers

Sealed side cord: 5 mm (most competitors use 3mm)

Stronger woven material with high UV resistance.


*Tarp made to +/-1% tolerance in size.

12ft by 30ft, 12' x 30', 12 foot by 30 foot Tarp.