Heavy Duty Tarp 40'x50'

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Quite simply, a heavy duty tarp that is large, really large. At 50 feet long by 40 feet wide, two of these covers will cover most of a high school basketball court (also see 50x50 tarps). The material is 16 mil/8oz and is made to be stronger than the major retail offerings of "heavy duty." The woven material is stronger to resisting tears, and has an inherent ability to protect against UV. Grommets are every 18" and all have uniquely designed reinforcement. 

Color: Silver one side/ Brown one side.

Possible uses of this tarp include: Indoor/Outdoor, Gyms, Hay Cover, Large Materials/Equipment, Motor Homes, Boats, parts of baseball infields, roofs, etc.

*tarps are made to actual dimensions with +/-1% tolerance.

Large 40ft by 50ft, 40 foot by 50 foot, 40'x50' Tarp.