Heavy Duty Tarp 50'x50'

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50' by 50' is currently the largest heavy duty tarp that www.StrongTarps.com stocks and ships to your door. It is heavy duty, and made with the same high quality process as the heavy duty tarps at every size. Material is stronger, grommets are stronger, with unique UV resistance, and a construction like no other on the market. Colors are silver one side and brown on the other. 16 Mil thick/8 oz material, with a stronger weave than the competitors, this material out performs on so many levels. See our strength page to learn more about why this tarp is truly heavy duty.

Grommets every 18" reinforced.

Corners: uniquely reinforced.

Side cord: 5mm (vs competitors 3mm)

Woven 10x10 weave has a 1600 denier woven tape design, that out performs nearly every competitors tarp claiming to be a heavy duty tarp.

If you would like a larger tarp than this, feel free to contact us at info@strongtarps.com and we will see what we can do. 

*tarps are made to actual dimensions with +/-1% tolerance.

50 foot tarp, 50'x50', 50ft by 50ft, 50 foot by 50 foot tarp.

Possible uses: Hay Stacks, 2 for most high school gyms, baseball fields, construction sites, agriculture/equipment, etc.