Heavy Duty Tarp 8'x10'

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The 8'x10' Tarp is one of the greatest selling tarps on the market today. While most companies take away 3" from all sides on Heavy Duty Tarps, StrongTarps.com makes tarps to actual dimensions. The goal of StrongTarps.com has been to make Heavy Duty Tarps stronger than all other competitors in the Industry. Offering this tarp as an 8oz woven tarp with silver coating on one side, and brown coating on the other, this tarp is made to perform. Grommets are located every 18" and every corner of the tarp has a reinforced corner with a sewn in solid poly triangle. Every 18" the grommet is reinforced with 6 layers of woven film. The rope seamed into every side is made at 5 mm while nearly all other competitors stick with a lighter 3mm rope.